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Rory the Lion

Rory the Lion

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Rory the Lion is a big tool for big feelings! This soft-plush deep breathing tool enables children to have a sensory experience while they practice breathing and using their lion's breath to change how they feel and calm down.

There are 3 functions:

  1. Weighted: Use Rory around your neck
  2. Lion’s Breath: Practice lion’s breath with Rory, when you press his nose he roars out like a lion, enabling your child to do Lion’s breath alongside Rory
  3. Feelings Mantra: Another thing Rory says out loud is “When I am feeling sad or mad I take a big breath in and roar out my feelings”. This mantra reminds children how to use deep breathing to change the way they feel.
Rory’s voice box is in a zippered pouch behind his head. Easily removable so that he can machine washed and air dried. Small battery parts are a choking hazard.
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