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Time to Draw Deck

Time to Draw Deck

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The Time To Draw Deck is a handy deck of drawing activities that make it easy to build skills, boost confidence, and have some creative fun—all at the same time! Regular drawing practice improves so much more than technique—it also boosts your self-awareness and productivity. Serving up bitesize creative prompting in a convenient, display-worthy package, this deck offers 45 inspiring exercises that encourage doodlers, sketchers, and artists of all levels to develop a regular drawing habit.

The cards offer a mix of prompts to improve focus, practice skills, or break through blocks and experiment. Keep the deck by your desk and pull a card at random, choose a card every week for a year, or toss the deck in a bag as screen-free entertainment for travel or group gatherings. Whether you're just starting your creative journey or you're ready to shake up an existing drawing practice, these activities will help you integrate the joys and benefits of drawing into your everyday life!

  • 46 Cards
  • 4” x 6.125” x 1.625”
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