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Summer Stationery Set

Summer Stationery Set

Handzy Shop + Studio

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**Your package will ship in the beginning of July 2019**

Finding the cutest stationery is more or less the reason we started Handzy! We'll deliver a piece of the iconic Handzy desk straight to your doorstep! Each seasonal stationery subscription kit includes:  

  • Free shipping!
  • Subscription exclusive items (things not offered in-store or online individually)
  • 3 Handzy greeting cards with coordinating envelopes
  • At least 1 fun pen
  • At least 1 roll of pretty tape
  • Stickers!!
  • Unique paper clips
  • Surprise ephemera/whatever else we wanna throw in there

*The photos are just an example of items that are similar to what will be included in your subscription. Each box will be a different fun surprise!

At this time seasonal stationery sets are offered to U.S. customers only.