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Palo Santo + Oud Wood Jar Candle

Palo Santo + Oud Wood Jar Candle

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The Palo Santo + Oud Wood Jar Candle has an earthy aroma that enchants like a mysterious and whimsical dream. Crisp and cozy; smoky, with complex incense base notes. Scent Notes: Palo Santo, amber, clove, sandalwood, forest rain, dark rum, tobacco leaves & oud wood

Made with natural soy wax, 100% plant-derived fragrances and cotton, lead-free wicks. No synthetic fragrances, phthalates, parabens, dyes or petroleum-derived waxes. Owned by a mother-daughter team committed to creating natural, eco-friendly candles that burn clean and smell amazing

  • 8oz
  • 40-50+ Hour burn time
  • Hand poured in Ontario, Canada
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