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One For Me, One For You

One For Me, One For You

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Shower much-needed kindness on yourself and the world, starting today, with One For Me, One For You! Every simple act of kindness can travel two powerful paths: inward to refresh your own spirit and outward to encourage others. 

One for Me, One for You brings together ideas that can work both ways, so you no longer need to feel torn between self-care and caring for others! Cozy up with a book to nourish your soul, then pass a book on to someone you love. Take in a healing dose of nature, then inspire or enable someone else to do the same!

  • Find inspiration to turn acts of kindness inward (for “me”) and outward (for “you”)
  • Put love into action to strengthen yourself + your relationships
  • Discover all the positivity you can unleash in everyday ways
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