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Home Harvest Deck

Home Harvest Deck

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Home Harvest: Your Kitchen Garden Guide is a practical, fun and easy-to-read deck of cards that will help you plant and grow your own kitchen garden. 

Growing veggies sounds like a daunting task if you’ve never done it before, but it’s actually very simple. Including gardening 101 tips plus instructions for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers, Home Harvest breaks down the basics of growing your own food.

The deck is divided into four sections: Gardening 101, Veggies, Herbs and Flowers. The gardening 101 cards help you start your garden from scratch, offer advice on keeping it healthy and abundant, and introduce you to the common garden enemies with tips on managing them. You will also learn how to entice all the friendly critters needed for a healthy ecosystem. Each veggie, herb and flower card has growing and planting information, plus handy cooking tips and fun facts.

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